About Carmichael Farms

Carmichael Farms, LLC is a 2,000 acre crop farm located in Central Michigan.  Carmichael Farms began in the 1950s as Carmichael Dairy Farms. In 2000 we formed  Carmichael Farms, LLC as we looked for ways in which we could better meet the  hay needs of those in the community as well as those seeking hay all across the United States.

Currently, we custom bale and cut hay on over 2000+ acres in Osceola County. This includes  1000 acres of our own plus over 1000 acres of rented ground.  We grow over 10 different varieties and types of hay to meet the specific demands of our many customers.   Carmichael Farms, LLC has the ability to meet the needs of many different  customers all across the U.S. who may not have an adequate supply of hay or may  not have the time, equipment or the resources to commit to raising crops of their own. We supply hay to alpacas, horses, dairy cows, low potassium dry cows, goats, sheep, and yaks.

If you have any questions regarding Carmichael Farms, LLC or how we can better serve your needs, please email us at [email protected]. Get Directions Here!

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